Israel’s leading annual conference for the Military & Aviation industries

The research and development in the Israeli military industry is one of the world most advanced. Israel is considered to be a breakthrough maker in this field of technological development. Tens of electronics and technology companies, the leading vendors in the military industry, will take part in the exhibition. The show will encompass a variety of the most advanced products, innovations and solutions that meet military and aviation standards.

The conference is aimed at executives, development, engineering and purchasing people, operation and manufacturing managers and project managers at plants and in various companies in the industry, military personnel, special services personnel and others. The entry for visitors is free of charge and includes a rich dairy breakfast menu for early visitors. Light refreshment and drinks during the day. We shall be happy to see you!

All The Exhibition Related Activities Will Be Reviewed In The Company Websaite And In The Magazines

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  • Military & Aviation 2019 | 05-03-2019 Expo Tel-Aviv
  • Conference Hall
Mr. Jacob Herscovitz | Chief System Engineer, Space Systems | Rafael
Electric Propulsion for Satellites in Space

Mr. Christophe Rabourg | Field Application Engineer | Abaco Systems
Improving Thermal Technologies for Rugged Embedded Systems

Mr. Oren Gadot | CEO – Incubit -a subsidiary of Elbit Systems
Drones - Few Insights for Broaden Perspective

Mr. Menahem Yanku | VP Drones & Civilian Systems Business Unit | Aeronautics
Drones in the Future Battlefield

Mr. Elior Suhaige, Regional Process Owner Manager, Synqor
Mr. Elior Suhaige | Regional Process Owner Manager | Synqor
Military Standards for DC-DC Converters & EMI Filters ( Mil STD 1275, Mil STD 704 , Mil STD 461)

Mr. Ohad Gil | Operational Engineer for Remotely Piloted Systems | IAI
Operational Efficiency Enhancement in Remotely Piloted Systems

Mr. Michael Shlenkevich | NPI Leader and Special Projects | Kanfit Ltd
Manufacturing Processes for Composite Components for Aerospace Applications

Mr. Guy Osi | Avnet Product Line Manager for Xilinx
Xilinx AI and ML Offering for A&D applications And their compatibility to the Military Needs

Mr. Arie Leizer | Chief Space Systems Engineer | Elbit Systems ISTAR
From Venus to SHALOM - Super & Hyper-Spectral Imaging From Space

Prof. J. Gavan | Fellow IEEE Holon Institute of Technology (HIT)
Defense Possibilities from Fire Balloons and More Serious Threats using Laser or Microwave Wireless Systems

Mr. Tomer Avraham | Thermal and CFD Specialist | Tenzor (ANSYS CP)
Advanced Cooling Solutions for Electronic Equipment Under Military Standards

Mr. Evgeny Rabinovich | FAE for EMEA Region | TDK LAMBDA
Thermal Management & EMC at DC-DC Board Design

Mr. Erez Kreiner | Former Director of Israeli Cyber Authority, Cyber Rider Ltd., | CEO, Nano lock
Embedded Penetration Vs. Embedded Security

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