IoT, Embedded Solution & Microprocessors 2018

The Embedded Microprocessors & IoT 2018 conference is the major annual conference for Embedded systems and Microprocessors in IsraelEmbedded systems designers and developers, project managers and the  Academic Community will get together for a one-day event jointly with leading vendors in the embedded world.

Latest innovations and technologies in the Embedded World will be introduced like USB 3.0, MultiCore technologies and Open Source software.

An exhibition will be held concurrently with the conference include leading vendors of Microprocessors, FPGA, Embedded Software solutions, development tools, Small Form-factor boards and moreThe Embedded and Microprocessors 2017 conference is your opportunity to learn, be updated and be exposed to technology innovations, new market trends, and technology state of the art products.

The conference addresses people who are interested and engaged in managing, engineering, software, hardware, development and procurement in the industry various companies.

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Meet The Exhibitors

                        • IOT, EMBEDDED SOLUTION & MICROPROCESSORS 2018
                        • Conference Hall | 16.10.18
                        Guy Lampert | Strategic Application Engineer | Xilinx Israel
                        Adaptable Intelligence: The Next Computing Era

                        Andreas Steiner | Infineon
                        Securing the IoT with Infineon OPTIGA™ Family: Embedded Hardware Security

                        Ziv Segal | Director Sales – ISRAEL | ADLINK Technology Inc
                        Connecting the Un Connected

                        Nir Shafir | DataCenter Account Executive | Intel Corporation
                        Accelerating performance on X86 platform

                        Mrs. Ruth Attias, Cognitive Contact center & IoT Practice Leader | IBM
                        Watson Assistance

                        Mr. Eran Fine | CEO and Co-Founder | Nanolock Security
                        Who moved my device

                        Mr. Gadi Hornstain | Head of IoT Department | Israel Innovation Authority
                        Endless Opportunities To Success with Israel Innovation Authority

                        Mr. Guy Dagan | Co-Ceo | ConSienta
                        IOT - The new Cyber frontier

                        Mr. Johan Pauvert | European Marketing Manger | Microchip
                        Capturing Value from the IoT with Microchip Solutions

                        Mr. Guy Vinograd | Co-Founder, CEO | Softimize
                        Best practices for architecting cloud + device systems

                        Mr. Ilan Bercovich | Regional Sales Manager | Advantech
                        Wireless Technology Evolvement to Enable LoRa for Smart City Application

                        Mr. Hanan Markovich | Chief Marketing Robust E2C
                        How to build a successful IoT solution: From the edge device to the cloud

                        Mr. Rami Ben Yehuda | Senior VP | OrCam
                        Machine Learning to Assist low-Vision People

                        Last Year Exhibition