Automotive Technology Conference

The conference will be held this year on May 29th 2019, alongside the 2019 New-Tech Exhibition, the largest Exhibition in the High-Tech and Electronics fields.

The New-Tech Automotive Technology Conference is a communication and networking event for the entire automotive sector. Developers, experts and decision-makers from the automotive

industry in Israel and abroad convene here to glean information about significant technology trends and strategies in the international automotive industry.

Conference participants exchange information about specific topics that play an important role in the transformation of the entire industry such as electro mobility, power electronics, power supplies, safety and communication.

The conference and exhibition are for employees of the high-tech and the electronic industries, academic institutions and the security forces.

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  • Automotive | Among The Lectures :
Dr. John Murphy | PhD, Director, Business Development & Marketing, SensL Division – ON Semiconductor
SPAD Arrays for LiDAR Applications

Mr. Ziv Livne | VP Product and Business Development – TriEye
Solving the Low Visibility Challenge

Mr. Arie Gavriely | Business Development Manager – Vaya Vsion
The Inherent Redundancy Advantage of Low-Level Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicles

Mr. Kobi Marenko | Co-founder and CEO – Arbe
Leveraging High Resolution Radar to Make Autonomous Driving a Reality

Dr. Oded Katz | PhD, Senior Design Engineer – ON Semiconductor
Automotive Radar Solutions

Mr. Nir Rozen | VP Product – Argus
Latest Trends in Automotive Cyber Security

Mr. Oded Yarkoni | VP Marketing – Upstream Security
Automotive Cybersecurity - Protecting the Car from Without

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