23 May 2017 09:30 - 24 May 2017 17:00

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Trade show, Tel-Aviv, Israel

 New-Tech Exhibition 2017 - The Hi-Tech and Electronics International Exhibition.


All Leading Companies, Representatives, Manufacturers, Distributors, Vendors, Suppliers, Products and all the Leading service providers - All meet at the Major Exhibition - New-Tech Exhibition 2017.

The New–Tech 2017 Exhibition is the largest and major exhibition of the Hi–Tech & Electronics in Israel. More than 150 companies, who lead these fields in Israel and around the world, will take part and exhibit in this trade show, which will be attended by thousands of visitors.

The subjects that will be presented in the exhibition include: A large variety of all the electronic components;  Production processes, Sub–Contracting and Service providers of development, design, engineering, procurement, production and test services; Clean Room equipment and instrumentation; Electro–Optic Items, Lasers, Fiber–Optics, Lenses, Cameras and more; Test equipment, Test processes and software, Laboratory equipment, Tools; Printed Circuit Boards, Different Industrial Materials, Enclosures, Plastics, Electro–Mechanical Equipment, Packages, Cables and Fasteners; Computerisation – General Computerization, Industrial Computerization, a Variety of software programs, Peripheral Devices, Operating Systems, Computer Embedded Systems; Drive Control, Motors, Robotics, Sensors, Assemblies and Systems; Power Systems, Power Components, Un–Interruptible Systems; RF, Micro–Wave Systems, Communication and Antennas.

Several professional events and conferences will be held in the framework of the exhibition .The conferences will include dozens of lectures in the various fields.

These events will allow the exhibition visitors to be updated with all the innovations of the various industrial projects and with the scientific and academic innovations, all under the same roof.

ב-23-24 במאי 2017, נערוך התערוכה הבינ"ל לענף ההיי-טק והאלקטרוניקה – תערוכת ניו-טק 2017. בתערוכה יציגו כ-150 חברות המייצגות אלפי יצרנים וישתתפו כעשרת אלפים אנשים

במסגרת התערוכה נערוך מגוון רחב של אירועים וכנסים מקצועיים. התערוכה מהווה את המפגש השנתי הגדול והמשמעותי ביותר בישראל לתעשיית האלקטרוניקה וההיי-טק ומאפשרת לחברות בארץ ובחו"ל להגיע לכל מקבלי ההחלטות, אנשי ההנדסה, הייצור והרכש בשוק הישראלי.

* ההשתתפות בתערוכה ובאירועים השונים היא ללא תשלום, אך נדרשת הרשמה מוקדמת ואישור החברה המארגנת.





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Trade show, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, Tel Aviv

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