The Medical and Health–Care Device Development Leading Conference

The subjects dealt with at the conference will include the development of medical instrumentation, components for medical devices, test equipment for medical equipment and instrumentation, the miniaturization of medical devices, the development of special non-intrusive instrumentation and procedures, medical device production standards, medical equipment packaging, the use of laser and electro-optics devices in medical instrumentation, sensors, cables, connectors, computer embedded systems, industrial automation, power supply etc.

The conference is targeted at developers in the medical engineering industry, manufacturers of medicalinstrumentation, medical instrumentation start-ups, academy representatives, medical venture capital companies and investors, hospital maintenance companies, medical instrumentation operators, medical laboratory managers and medical hothouse companies.

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  • MediTech 2017
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  • Special Session: Test & Measurements
Dr. Eran Kaplan | VP R&D and Technologies, Medinol
Considerations in the design and manufacturing of Coronary stents and Stent Delivery Systems

Prof. Ron Nabarro | Biotronic
The longevity economy - generating economic growth and new opportunities for business

Prof Amit Meller | Technion
Nanopore biosensors for single molecule sensing of cancer biomarkers

Prof. Daphne Weihs | Technion
Mechanobiology approaches to rapidly determine metastatic risk in cancer

Prof Amit Gefen | Tel Aviv University
Preventing Medical-Device Related Pressure Ulcers: A Bioengineering Approach to a Safer Hospital Environment

Mr. Roi S. Melzer | EHRLICH & FENSTER
IP strategies for protecting medical big data

Dr. Naor Wainer | phillipes medical
Spectral CT , Paradigm shift in Functional CT

Prof. Meir Nitzan | JCT
Accurate automatic measurement of systolic blood pressure

Pro Ibrahim Abdulhalim | Ben Gurion University
Optical plasmonic biosensors with tunable Properties for Small and Large Bioentities Detection

Dr. Yael Mardor | Sheba Medical Center
Advances in imaging of patients with primary and metastatic brain tumors

Dr. Eyal Kaufman | QualityLine
Working hard to control quality? A New Technology is finally here to help

Mr. Eyal Seroussi | Gigatronics
Simulation of Biological and Medical signals using AWG

Mr. Ariel Feyderov | Tektronix
Tektronix new MSO5 for Power, Medical and embedded design

Mr. Zvi Efrati | Keithley Instruments
IoT Power Consumption Measurement Challenges

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