The annual Electronic Packaging and Electro–Mechanical Solutions, 2018 Conference and Trade Fair will deal with providing various solutions for electronic system packaging, will present innovations and solutions for connecting mother boards, environmentally friendly innovations and solutions for server farm racks, packaging for vehicles, commercial and military packaging, racks and cabins for communication applications and for special environmental conditions, packaging materials, fasteners, solutions for heat removal and cooling in racks and packages, industrial designing, content tools, simulation, analysis and environmental test innovations, machining of metal and plastic parts, standardisation services and moreSenior lecturers from the industry and the academy, as well as guest lecturers from around the world, will take part in the conference giving lectures and presenting innovations in the packaging field, innovations in the material, coating and colouring fields, packaging solutions for special applications, production and speed modelling technologies, heat removal and cooling, electromagnetic compliance, RFI, EMC and EMI and more.

Dozens of manufacturers, dealers, representatives, subcontractors, industrial designers, consultants and suppliers of fasteners will present at the trade fair.

The conference and trade fair attendees will have the opportunity to meet in one day the vast majority of major partners who are active in the electronic packaging and electro–mechanical solution fields.

Admission to the conference and to the trade fair is free of charge; nevertheless, registration in advance is required

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Meet Our Exhibitors

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                    ALEXANDER SCHNEIDER
                      • ELECTRONIC PACKAGING SOLUTIONS 2018
                      • Conference Hall | 28.11.18
                      Dr. Michael Koenig | Heat Transfer Specialist | Rafael
                      PCM Based Thermal Capacitors - Design and Analysis

                      Mrs. Smadar Korin | R&D engineer. Nirlat
                      New Solutions to Environmental and Health Concerns of Industrial Painting

                      Mr. Bentsi Koren | Aero Mechanical Group Leader | Elbit Systems

                      Dr. Eldad Levy | Ceo. CAS – Computerized Analysis & Simulation
                      Wight optimization at electronic system

                      Mr. Shlomo Z Rotter | Smart Diamond Technologies Lda
                      Future Trends in the use of CVD Diamond and Diamond Based Thermal Sites for Thermal Management of High Power Devices and Circuits

                      Mr. Kobi Adulami, Project Manger | IAI
                      Thoughts/Considerations prior to commencing a project & planning/designing effective control systems

                      Dr. Alexander Golod | Freelance Consultant
                      The impact of the autonomous vehicle revolution on packaging World

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